Born in London, England in 1964, Anatole was influenced greatly by the continual influx of music from his father, an orchestral conductor and band leader. Anatole's first baritone sax was, in fact, his father's old Selmer bari. The first notes on the bari Anatole played together with Oliver Groenewald in 1981 as founding members of Big Band 81. Following up, Anatole expanded into the realms of experimental jazz funk with numerous bands like FunCallup, The Real Big Deal and A:P:E, writing and composing for quartet upwards. Never forgetting his roots, Anatole kept a close relationship with Peter Bernhard Smith M.B.E under which many projects for wind band were realised.

From the first note on his bari, Anatole has been a prominent character in many Big Band formations, working together with fine bandleaders like Oliver Groenewald. His nonet "Newnet" is a prime example of the settings in which Anatole shines as an excellent amalgamator of sound. At this time, many programmes were covered highlighting great musicians like Duško Gojković, Freddie Köster, Marko Lackner und Primus Sitter. Over 20 years Anatole has represented the backbone of Quintessence Saxophone Quintet, playing hundreds of concerts worldwide. Due to Covid19 the forthcoming concert tours in Russia and China have been postponed into 2022.

Here is a list of some ensembles in which Anatole (was) is involved.

Quintessence Saxophone Quintet
Sebastian Müller Band
Jazz Orchester OWL
Top Floor Brass Band
Oliver Groenewald's Newnet
Big Band 81
The Real Big Deal
Will Budde Big Band
Friends of Pete Big Band
Jazz Quintet with Rik von den Bergh, Georg Rox, Fritz Krisse und Christian Schoenefeld.

Anatole is looking forward to new challenges, planning small group interactions with electronics and loop programming and of course - more Baritone Saxophone!

Live long shall the beast.